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lip blush aftercare

Social media is our main platform to show off our work immediately after the procedure, but that's just the beginning when it comes to your new tattoo. The healing process can be confusing and leaving clients insecure if the transparency isn't there. So, we want to show you the other 50% of the process... 

Care: Swipe over your lips every hour with a clean tissue to remove the lymphatic fluid for the first 24 hours, or until bed. Do NOT get them wet other than when cleaning them.  


Expectation: Color will appear very bold and saturated. Remember: Color needs to be tattooed to a certain level for healed results to be noticeable since it fades 40-50%.

day 1

Care: Continue day 2-3 instructions morning and night.


Expectation: Flaking may have stopped. Color will appear lighter.

day 3-7
day 2-3

Care: Start cleaning them with a gentle cleanser (Golds dial antibacterial soap, Cetaphil, etc.) morning and night. With a Q tip or clean hands. Repeat with just water to rinse, and blot dry afterward. Apply a thin amount of ointment every 1-2 hours until lips are fully healed. Do NOT apply a lot of ointment. You need them to breathe, but to stay moisturized.


Expectation: Flaking may start. Patches and unevenness is normal.

day 7-14

Care: You can stop the care routine and return to normal activities. The skin is still healing, but you don't need to provide any care topically since the "wound" is now closed skin.


Expectation: Color starts coming back. Every body is different. Sometimes this stage happens quick, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks. Stay patient! 

Tip: Enjoy your new blushed lips with a clear gloss on top to really make the color shine.

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