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eyeliner aftercare

Social media is our main platform to show off our work immediately after the procedure, but that's just the beginning when it comes to your new tattoo. The healing process can be confusing and leaving clients insecure if the transparency isn't there. So, we want to show you the other 50% of the process... 

Care: Blot with a soft tissue or use a very damp Q tip to swipe across your eyeliner. This is to remove any lymphatic fluid building up on the tattoo. Before bed, wash with Atelier Tattoo Cleanser or a gentle soap. Pat dry. No makeup around the eyes for the next 5-7 days.  


Expectation: Eyes and tattooed area may be tender, red, and swollen. Although this might be uncomfortable, you're not far away from waking up with perfectly filled in eyeliner every morning.

day 1

Care: Your tattoo is done healing topically.


Expectation: Aha! You're finished! Your tattoo is fully healed topically. If the tattoo is looking muted in color and vibrancy, the pigment will resurface in the next couple of weeks. Everyone's healing journey is different since our bodies are unique to us, so stay patient and enjoy your new eyeliner! 

day 7
day 2-5

Care: Continue to wash your eyeliner with Atelier Tattoo cleanser or a mild cleanser. Keep very dry other than when cleaning.


Expectation: Slightly flaking my occur. Although it may be difficult, do not pick or pull on any part of the tattoo while it's still healing. 

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