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starting at $145



Classic Set 

Hybrid Set 



Classic Fill

Hybrid Fill

Volume Fill


Foreign Fill 

Glitter/Art Lashes

Color Lash Extensions

Lash Bath



  • If you started off with Classic and want to upgrade to Hybrid (or Hybrid to Volume) please select the correct fill option to allow for the appropriate amount of time. 

  • If you have previous lash extensions and want to come to Atelier for a fill: Removal and a new set may be required, but this needs to be booked as a "Foreign Fill"

  • If you are switching artists within Atelier, please book it under "Foreign Fill" 

  • If you are lost more than 60% of your lashes and have waited to schedule past the "fill" timeframe, it is considered a new set and will be charged as such.

  • We require 3 day notice if you decide to reschedule your appointment. View our full list of policies here.

  • Pricing is subject to change at any time, and processing fees for credit card transactions will be applied. 



$145 USD

$175 USD

$220 USD

$70 USD

$80 USD

$90 USD

$25 USD

$115 USD

$10 USD

$15 USD 

$15 USD

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