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Nano VS. Microblading

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This is the most common question asked about the newer technique Nano and Microblading. Although very similar, Nano and Microblading are two different techniques. Read this blog to understand better the difference.


This technique is done by using a manual hand-held tool that holds multiple tiny needles. The needles create a channel or "scratch" in the skin, which is where the pigment is placed. The skin takes 7 days for the "wound" to close. This is where proper aftercare is crucial. If you allow excess moisture, water, sweat, or other factors to get to the tattooed area, it will most likely push and flush out the pigment. Certain skin types can also effect the healed results regardless of proper aftercare, like oily or textured skin. After the skin is healed (7 days), the pigment is held in the skin for 1.5-2 years and you can return to routines like normal.


This technique is done by using a rotary machine and a single needle disposable cartridge. Instead of creating a channel in the skin with a blade, the single needle moves up and down in the cartridge creating puncture in the skin. This is more similar to traditional tattooing, but less painful, noisy, and abrasive. The aftercare is still the same with avoiding certain things like moisture and sweating because it is still an open wound with pigment placed superficially in the skin. Nano brow is suitable for all skin types, and typically lasts longer in the skin as well.

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