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What style of brow should I choose?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Every client's brow goals are unique and personalized. Your version of natural may be different than others. It's important to nail down what style of brow you are wanting so your brow artist can understand your goals better. To help determine what technique is best for you, here's a list of key questions:

Do you wear makeup regularly?

You may prefer powder brow, bold combo, or ombre brow.

Feeling anxious about the outcome being too drastic?

We recommend starting with just hair strokes, or a soft shaded brow if you are feeling nervous about brow tattooing. It's important to stay in your comfort zone. After all, you will be coming back for a touch-up appointment where you can add to the thickness, saturation level, length, etc.

How much natural hair do you have? If little or sparse, do you want to create the look of natural growth?

We recommend Nano brow, or a sot combination brow. These are two of the most common techniques to achieve a very natural look.


Microblading - Thin hair strokes. Good for dry - normal skin type with no textured or porous skin. Fades 1-2 years.

Nano Brow - Thin hair strokes. Good for any skin type. Fades 2-3 years.

Powder Brow - Shading to mimic a soft or bold filled in brow. Good for any skin type. Fades 2-3 years.

Ombre Brow - Bold and crisp shading to mimic makeup (dip brow). Good for any skin type. Fades 2-3 years.

Combonation brow - This is when we combine two techniques together. (Ex. A bold combo brow is a bold powder brow with strokes in the front)


Check out the Brow Page on our website to read more about the differences. Or, contact the studio if you have any questions.

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